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Steel Structural Posts

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A solid foundation is critical for the stability and long-term durability of your deck.

By incorporating steel structural posts in our construction, we provide a robust foundation that guarantees safety, durability, and minimal environmental impact. At Custom Deck Creations, we use ground screws over traditional buried wooden beams for a multitude of compelling reasons. Ground screws are superior in terms of weight-bearing capacity, offering enhanced stability and support for your deck. Unlike wooden beams, they are far less susceptible to rot and sinking, ensuring a longer lifespan and maintaining the integrity of your deck structure. Additionally, the installation of ground screws doesn’t require digging large holes, which significantly reduces the impact on your existing lawn and landscaping. This method is not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly, preserving the natural state of your outdoor space. This choice is a reflection of our commitment to innovative solutions that deliver both quality and sustainability in our decking projects.

Benefits of ground screws:

  • Rot proof
  • Guaranteed for 25 years
  • Estimated lifespan of 75 to 350 years
  • Your deck will not sink or settle
  • Your deck will not heave up from frost lenses
  • No disturbance to your grass
  • No disturbance of your yard’s grade
  • No disturbance of your home’s foundation
  • Safest method for reducing the risk of damage to an irrigation system
  • 63” footing depth versus standard Michigan 42” depth code requirement
  • 1,7000 lbs minimum uplift (compared to wood posts with 0 lbs uplift)
  • Engineered and tested weight-bearing performance exceeds code compliance, ICC-ES certified
  • Reusable
  • No harmful chemicals going into your yard from a wood preservative
  • Environmentally friendly (contains half the embodied CO2 than equivalent concrete pier)
  • Can support more than 5 times as much weight as a 12” diameter footing

Nobody else builds decks like us. NOBODY.