Brown backyard deck off a condo decorated with Hawaii theme

Is Spring 2022 the Best Time to Build a Deck?

With the beginning of a new year, homeowners are asking us more frequently if now is the best time to build a deck or if they should wait until inflation cools off. There’s a fear of spending too much on a deck …

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Outdoor brown deck with a wooden covered roof and outdoor seating

Does Adding a Deck Increase Property Taxes?

Building a beautiful back deck has many benefits—a deck is a comfortable space outside to relax, have social gatherings and spend quality time with the family.  We can all agree that sounds great. But a concern we hear from homeowners from time to …

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Trex and Wood Decking

Trex vs. Wood Decking: 5 Reasons to Go Composite

Decisions can be hard. Especially ones that involve something as permanent and long-lasting as a new deck. And one of the more challenging decisions to make comes down to materials.  Since composite first came on the scene, the battle between Trex …

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A Simple Guide to Building a Deck Around an Underground Irrigation System

Many of our deck projects involve working around an existing in-ground irrigation system or one that the homeowners will install after we finish the deck. There’s a common concern among homeowners about the currently installed systems getting damaged during the …

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Seating area with grill, chairs, and a coffee table on a deck outside in Canton Michigan

How Close to the Property Line Can I Build My Deck?

Building a new deck is an exciting project to start. But many homeowners find themselves asking: How close to the property line can I build? It’s a great question and one everyone should ask before getting started. Decks are considered permanent …

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Backyard composite deck with built in hot tub

Landscaping Under a Deck: Our 3 Options After the Build

Your deck is finally complete. You’re ready to pull out the grill and patio set to spend the summer out in the sun!  But not so fast… There’s still one more step for us to complete. It’s an often forgotten …

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