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Calling Miss Dig & Marking Utility Lines: How Does It Work?

Safety should be the number one concern during any renovation or construction project. And digging around your home without knowing the location of utility lines is risky business. Damaging one of these lines can affect entire neighborhoods and pose a real threat to the digger and those in the area. Not to mention it can also cost thousands of dollars 

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Worried About a Mess? Here’s How We’ll Handle Clean-up On Your Project

Building a deck is a messy job; there’s no denying that.  And you may have even heard a few horror stories about contractors leaving terrible messes behind. But there’s no need for you, as the homeowner, to be picking up scrap pieces of wood or searching for leftover screws. You should get to relax and spend time with family while 

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Can We Replicate Another Deck’s Design for Your Build?

So you’ve found your dream deck or one close to it! Your neighbor invited you over for a good old-fashioned neighborhood BBQ, and you fell in love with their deck—the size, design, features, etc. Or maybe you found it while scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, and you’re already planning the “here’s our new amazing deck” party. Regardless, you’re not alone 

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Can We Build a Deck Without a Permit? When A Permit Is Required & the 1 Exception

Is a permit required when building a deck? Knowing when it’s necessary isn’t always straightforward. You may have heard multiple answers from different people, or that it depends on some specific conditions. While true, the rules are conditional; they will be the same or similar in most places. And deck builders and homeowners alike must follow the codes.  So today, let’s 

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