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Trex Decking Colors

Get ready to design a custom deck that speaks to your aesthetic preferences and complements your property beautifully! Custom Deck Creations proudly installs Trex decks that are customizable to suit our clients’ style preferences. You can choose from a myriad of Trex decking colors including bright, bold colors and classy, neutral tones.
Trex Transcend® Lineage™ – This deck is designed to reflect UV rays which can help your deck feel cooler underneath your feet. It can also be kept clean with soap and water as needed. Choose from four neutral, tranquil colors:
choose the perfect deck color for Your Home’s Exterior


Light honey tones and natural grain pattern give this color a beachy vibe.

choosing the right deck color


With a gray-and-silver hue and delicate grain pattern, Rainier gives off a moody yet sophisticated aesthetic.

perfect deck color for Home’s Exterior


Brown and gray undertones make a statement with this decking color, providing a beautiful look.

perfect deck color for Home’s Exterior


An intricate streaking pattern and deep mocha hue provide an elegant landscape for memories to be made.

Trex Transcend® – This low-maintenance, sustainable deck is available in a wide array of eye-popping colors that will provide a timeless look that never goes out of style:
choose the right deck color for Your Home’s Exterior

Island Mist

With a cool, silvery-gray hue, you’ll feel like you’re indulging in a misty, tropical island morning.

Warm Tone Deck Color for Your Home’s Exterior

Tiki Torch

A warm, golden-brown hue beautifully evokes the inviting glow of a tiki torch for an island vibe.

Warm Tone Deck Color

Spiced Rum

Ever wished your deck could resemble a vintage barrel of spiced rum? Enter Spiced Rum, a rich, earthy brown with reddish undertones.

lava rock deck color

Lava Rock

A deep, fiery red that captures the essence of volcanic lava rock, this hue will make a stylish statement in your backyard.

Cool Tone Deck Color

Gravel Path

For those who love a neutral look, you’ll enjoy this classic gray color that mimics the smooth texture of a well-trodden gravel path.

Cool Tone Deck Color

Rope Swing

Inspired by the subtle hues of a beachside rope swing, this color exudes a soft, sandy beige hue.

vintage lantern deck color for home’s exterior

Vintage Lantern

A dark, rustic bronze color, this hue will provide an eye-catching aesthetic in your backyard.

Trex Enhance® – Trex Enhance® decks have a woodgrain appearance that allows you to enjoy all of the aesthetic benefits of a wood deck without any of the downsides. Plus, they can be mixed and matched with any Trex railings to create the perfect railed deck for your home. These scalloped decks are lightweight and require little maintenance. Choose from the following colors:
Cool Tones Deck Color

Foggy Wharf

Light gray hues mixed with silver to create a gorgeous neutral shade for your deck.

Cool Tones Deck Color

Rocky Harbor

Enjoy the look of a slate gray deck that has sandy undertones to provide an ever-changing aesthetic.

choose the right deck color

Toasted Sand

A seashell brown hue is combined with dark brown undertones for the ultimate in style.

Color of Your Deck

Coastal Bluff

The embodiment of earthy delight, Coastal Bluff has a medley of taupe hues that will elevate the look of any deck.

Warm Tone Deck Color

Enhance Saddle

Is a medium brown look more your style? Enhance Saddle offers the beautiful hue you’re looking for.

Warm Tone Deck Color

Beach Dune

Keep things simple with a light brown deck that will match well with any aesthetic.

Cool Tone Deck Color

Clam Shell

A medium gray color, Clam Shell takes any deck to the next level of beauty..

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