6 Lawn Edging Ideas for Landscaping Around Your Deck

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An essential part of creating a winning backyard landscape is the type of edging you choose.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of lawn edging ideas that will keep your garden neat and tidy. Edging can act as a barrier for roots, which prevents plants, grass and weeds from spreading into other parts of your yard. Also, landscape edging enhances the design of the space by creating beautifully defined sections.

But edging isn’t only great for your garden. It’s also an important part of the landscape around your deck. It helps tie your deck into the rest of your yard’s design, giving it a finished and professional look.

If your home already has landscaping done, you’ll likely want to match any existing edging you have. But if you’re not sure what your best option is, no problem. We have you covered. Edging can be a very personal choice – good news, there’s a lot of options.

Here are the six most popular types of lawn edging to use around your deck.

6 Lawn Edging Ideas


natural lawn edging

Many homeowners prefer natural edging, including the vast majority of our clients. Even though the edge won’t always be a perfectly straight line, they like not having the extra material expense and how low maintenance it is. It’s convenient not needing to grab the clippers after mowing to finish trimming, which is usually the case if you use any physical edging like plastic, brick, or metal, etc.

For these reasons, we don’t install physical edging around our decks. But any of the ideas we mention next can be easily added at any time.

PRO TIP: Victorian Trench

victorian trench lawn edging

If you’re looking for a more distinguished boundary between your lawn and under your deck, try digging a Victorian Trench.  It still keeps everything natural but offers a much bolder look.


Black Diamond

black diamond yard edging

The next most popular option and the least expensive to buy is Black Diamond Edging. It’s a simple and subtle look – but don’t let its plastic composition fool you. It’s been around for over 50 years and its quality has made it an industry standard for landscapers.


metal edging

Metal edging stands out as one of the most clean-cut and durable options for your lawn. Its sleek appearance complements modern and industrial designs but looks great in any terrain. 

Typically, when talking about metal edging, you’ll see two common types: Steel and heavy-gauge aluminum.

Out of the two options, steel is the strongest. It holds its own against freeze and thaw cycles and the occasional car or lawnmower tire. 

Steel edging is available in a corrosion-resistant finish or left untreated. If you choose the latter, it will slowly turn from silver to a rust color that blends well in a backyard or garden. Not to worry though, it generally takes close to 20-40 years for it to rust through. 

Heavy-Gauge Aluminum
Aluminum, on the other hand, doesn’t rust. But it lacks the same strength as steel, making it more susceptible to nicks and dings. However, being a softer material also makes it more flexible, so it’s easier to work with and better suited for curvy landscape designs.

Both of these lawn edging ideas are longer-lasting than Black Diamond, holding up against garden maintenance tools and the harsh weather over time. However, be prepared for a higher upfront investment.



Using brick or pavers for edging is another popular choice we see. They’re incredibly durable, require little maintenance, and are readily available at most big box home improvement stores. You can include them in any part of your landscape’s design to improve your home’s curb appeal.

PRO TIP: Easy Mowing

Take the extra time to measure and dig a trench so your bricks lay flush to the grass. That way, they serve as an easy mowing guide instead of you having to go back with clippers to finish the job. 

Terrace Board

terrace board edging

Like Black Diamond edging, Terrace Board has a plastic composition but features an appealing wood grain texture. It’s sturdy yet flexible enough to cut and shape into many different designs. 

Landscaping Under Your Deck

The edging you choose around your deck isn’t the only aspect that ties it into your overall yard design. How you landscape under your deck will also help separate the space in an appealing way and benefit your yard as a whole.

Weed Barrier & Stone

At Custom Deck Creations, we like to install premium weed barrier and stones under our decks. It slows down the growth of grass and weeds, making it easier to maintain and helps prevent unwanted plants from spreading into your yard. 

Not only that, but animals generally don’t like to make nests on top of stones, so it discourages those unwanted critters from making their home underneath your deck. 

And from a visual standpoint, stones are a beautiful feature that will add to the overall aesthetic of any landscape.

Some popular options for stone under a deck are pea gravel, egg rock, crushed marble or crushed granite.


Edging is one of the best ways to tie all the design elements in your yard together and improve your home’s curb appeal. And while these are just the most popular lawn edging ideas, there are many options to choose from that you can easily add to almost any landscape.  

Couple that with a high-quality weed barrier and stone under your deck, and you’ll be well on your way to having the most beautiful yard on the block. 

What’s Next?

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