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A Simple Guide to Cocktail Railings for Decks

Why You Should Consider Upgrading To Cocktail Deck Railings If you’ve been exploring the idea of building a deck, you’ve probably heard the term “cocktail rail” or “drink rail” a few times already. It’s the popular upgrade that homeowners love and builders recommend.  But what exactly are cocktail railings for decks? Can you customize them to enhance your deck’s design? 

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Are Cracks in Deck Posts or Beams a Bad Sign? (For New or Old Decks)

Cracking (also referred to as checking) in lumber is somewhat inevitable.  Over time, you’ll likely begin to notice these cracks in the lumber that makes up your deck’s framing. They seem to happen without warning and can look rather concerning. Wanting to learn more is entirely understandable and the right move to make.  So are cracks in deck posts or 

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5 Deck Building Problems That Can Happen On Your Project

Building a deck can be very exciting and rewarding. It’s an extension of your home into the outdoors, where you can easily spend hours unwinding or spending time with friends and family.  But it isn’t without its challenges. Several unforeseen problems can occur during the build, even with the most experienced builders. These issues can quickly become a significant source 

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Will Your Second Story Deck Sway? (Plus 4 Tips to Add Stability)

Decks that are low to the ground don’t generally have any issues with swaying and wobbling. It’s the taller, 8-14 foot decks that we hear more concerns about from homeowners. Most commonly, “will my second story deck sway?” and “how can you give a higher off the ground deck more stability?”. You likely won’t spend much time on your deck 

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Can You Make Changes During Your Project? Here’s What You Need to Know

As humans, it’s only natural that we change our minds once in a while or get a little indecisive. Especially when it comes to big decisions, like the design or layout of a deck. After all, it’s likely going to last you for decades before it needs replacing.  But what happens if you want to make changes after signing the 

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Deck vs. Patio: 3 Questions to Help You Choose What’s Right For You

Today, we’re talking all about composite decks vs. patios to help you answer that difficult question on your mind: What should I build? Both decks and patios are great additions to your home. They expand your useable living space and get you out enjoying the outdoors. Both allow for clearly designated zones to create a beautiful gathering place for friends, family, and 

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