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Do You Need an Electrician to Install Deck Lights?

Deck lights are one of the most popular, practical, and aesthetically pleasing upgrades you can choose. They’re considered essential by many, especially if you plan on using your deck at night.  But how viable is it for homeowners to install deck lights themselves, or even for builders who aren’t certified electricians? We all know how dangerous electricity can be, and 

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Should You Invest in a Maintenance-Free Deck if You Plan On Moving?

One of the more challenging decisions to make when building a deck is installing wood or composite.  Like most homeowners, we feel that the more maintenance-free something can be, the better. But does that mean a maintenance-free deck like Trex is the right choice for everyone? Because who wouldn’t miss sanding railing balusters, replacing rotting boards, fixing sticking up nails, and restaining 

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What You Can Expect From Our Warranty (And the 7 Types of Calls We Receive)

As a homeowner looking to build a deck, we’re sure it’s common to hear every contractors pitch on why you should trust them and how they can help you.  But in our opinion, it’s also important for companies to be humble and open about when things haven’t always gone as planned—sharing how they overcame these issues, what they learned and 

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Does Siding Need To Be Replaced When Building a Deck? Here Are the Facts

Adding a deck is one of the best improvements you can make to your home. On top of adding functionality to your outdoor space, a deck will improve curb appeal and, when properly built, look stunning and last for years. But, considering decks are generally built right up against your home (or literally connected in some cases), do we need 

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Does Custom Deck Creations Work on More Than One Project at a Time?

We’ve all heard the stories: a friend hires a contractor, and everything starts off great.  But then the work becomes inconsistent; the crew is there one day but not the next, or they show up late and leave early. There’s no clear communication, and the homeowner has no clue what’s happening or when their project will be complete. This behavior 

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