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under deck ideas

Under Deck Ideas for Maximizing Your Unused Outdoor Space

Do you have a deck that is tall enough so that you have some unused space underneath it? Don’t fret – this is a good problem to have! Whether you decide to use that space for storage, snacking, sports-watching, soaking, or sitting around and chatting, we have some under deck ideas for you. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space An under-deck

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Large 2nd story deck over concrete patio

Calling Miss Dig & Marking Utility Lines: How Does It Work?

Safety should be the number one concern during any renovation or construction project. And digging around your home without knowing the location of utility lines is risky business. Damaging one of these lines can affect entire neighborhoods and pose a real threat to the digger and those in the area. Not to mention it can also cost thousands of dollars

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Shrubs & Plants for Backyard Landscaping

5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas After Your Deck Build 

 It’s time to start planning for outdoor living. That means designing your ideal outdoor escape, your oasis! And a new deck is a beautiful space for many families to enjoy, whether it be: A romantic night out under the stars A cozy spot to hang out with friends The go-to place for all the neighbors to come over for

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Curved Trex Deck

3 Considerations Before Building a Curved Trex Deck

Bringing your outdoor space to life with a new design can be a lot of fun, and nowadays, there’s so much information at our fingertips. You can find an unlimited amount of designs to feel inspired by and borrow for your own projects, from resources like our gallery to Google Images, Pinterest, etc. And one of these design elements you may have

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Trex deck in Michigan

3 Causes of a Project Delay (Before & During Your Build)

An unexpected project delay isn’t necessarily the most fun for anyone, but the reality is it’s a possibility during any build. And what’s most important is being aware of these potential delays to better plan for them. As deck builders with years of experience, we’re already very familiar with what to look for and expect. And that allows us to

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Shade from the sun idea on deck, shade sail

Can I Buy the Materials When Hiring a Deck Builder?

Every once in a while, we come across this scenario: A client plans to build their own deck as a DIY project. They buy the materials, but six months down the road, they realize there isn’t enough time in the day with their schedule to get the job done. And now they’re looking to hire a contractor.  If that sounds

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Blue patio furniture set on Trex deck in Canton, MI

Furniture for Composite Decking: What Won’t Cause Scratches?

A new Trex deck creates a wonderful space to enjoy the outdoors with those you love (or are obligated to invite over from time to time, you know who we’re talking about!). However, like with anything new, you probably want to do everything in your power to keep it looking that way. And that includes being mindful of what you

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Can We Replicate Another Deck’s Design for Your Build?

So you’ve found your dream deck or one close to it! Your neighbor invited you over for a good old-fashioned neighborhood BBQ, and you fell in love with their deck—the size, design, features, etc. Or maybe you found it while scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, and you’re already planning the “here’s our new amazing deck” party. Regardless, you’re not alone

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Backyard view from deck

Can We Build a Deck Without a Permit? When A Permit Is Required & the 1 Exception

Is a permit required when building a deck? Knowing when it’s necessary isn’t always straightforward. You may have heard multiple answers from different people, or that it depends on some specific conditions. While true, the rules are conditional; they will be the same or similar in most places. And deck builders and homeowners alike must follow the codes.  So today, let’s

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