The Trex Warranty: How Long Is It and What Does It Cover?

Trex Deck in Wooded Backyard Is The Best Composite Decking Brand

What is the warranty on Trex decking, railing, and lights? Let’s dive into it.

I know your eyes are already starting to glaze over because warranties aren’t the most exciting topic. But we’re going to make this as quick and painless as possible, I promise. We’ll break down the Trex warranty information in easy-to-read sections that cover the need-to-know details about the types of coverage Trex offers. 

So stick with me, and we’ll keep it simple!

The Trex Manufacturer Warranty


How Long is the Trex Warranty Period?

Firstly, for residential installations, all Trex decking lines come with a 25-year warranty from the date it’s installed (we’ll cover the exceptions in a bit). If you plan on selling your home in the future, you can also transfer the warranty one time within five years, as long as the materials are still on the same property. 

What Does the Trex Warranty Cover

Trex stands behind its products because it creates them to the highest standard. As a result, they resist warping, are free from material defects, and won’t split, splinter, rot, or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay.

In addition, Trex offers a 25-year limited residential fade & stain warranty on their decking lines. The extra Trex decking warranty is available for the following product lines:

  • Transcend decking, porch or fascia
  • Enhance decking or fascia
  • Select decking or fascia
  • Trex Universal Fascia

Considering staining and fading are broad issues caused by multiple factors, let’s dive into the fine print.

Fade Resistance
Trex is designed to resist fading, but no material is entirely fade-proof after years of exposure to the elements and UV rays. With that being said, Trex won’t fade in color by more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units. 

But what does that mean? Because we’re not all color theorists!

Without complicating things or going off-topic, know that any unit between 2 and 10 is only perceptible at a very close look, and 5 Delta E (CIE) units is barely perceptible to the eye. The bottom line is, if you need to replace a board on your deck 10 years after it was installed, you should be able to without anyone noticing a board was replaced. (Try doing that on a wood deck!)

Stain Resistance
In addition to being fade-resistant, Trex also resists permanent staining from naturally occurring mold, mildew and spills from food and beverages you’d typically find on a residential deck. For example, think of items like:

  • Condiments (the heavy hitter here is actually mustard)
  • Tea and coffee
  • Wine, juice and soda
  • Sauces
  • Salad dressings and oils
  • Sunscreen spray

Even though Trex is highly effective at resisting stains, it’s important to recognize that nothing is absolutely stain-proof, and Trex’s warranty won’t cover the extremes such as:

  • Abrasive compounds of acidic or basic pH
  • Paints or stains
  • Heavy solvents
  • Metallic rust 
  • Non-food or beverage substances (fungicides, biocides, etc.) 

Note: You should be aware that to claim this warranty, you’ll need to have cleaned the areas with soap and water or a mild cleaner within a week of the spill or the presence of mold or mildew. 

The Exceptions

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a couple of exceptions to the 25-year warranty. Not because the products are poor quality; rest assured they’re still top of the line. But because of the nature of the products and how much use they receive over time.

Trex Lights
Trex lights comes with a 7-year warranty. But there’s no need to worry; these low-voltage LED lights are made with high-performance materials and should survive for many years, even in harsh weather and through winters.

Trex Labor Warranty

Trex goes the extra mile and offers an extended labor warranty for its highest-rated builders on residential projects. For you, this means you’ll have additional coverage and can be confident that the best of the best are building your deck.

There are three tiers based on the contractor level, and the length of coverage doubles if you bundle qualified Trex decking and railings.

Trex Pro
Deck or Rail: 1 year
Deck and Rail: 2 years

Trex Pro Gold
Deck or Rail : 3 year
Deck and Rail: 6 years

Trex Pro Platinum
Deck or Rail: 5 year
Deck and Rail: 10 years

Similar to the Trex manufacturer’s warranty, you can transfer the labor warranty once within the first five years. But which Trex products qualify? Take a look:

  • Transcend & Signature Railings (Excludes Select and Enhance)
  • Decking (excludes Enhance Basics)
  • Fascia profiles (1×6, 1×8, 1×12, 2×4, 2×6)

The team here at Custom Deck Creations is proud to be awarded TrexPRO Platinum, which is Trex’s highest level awarded to contractors. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We also offer all our customers our own additional warranty.

Custom Deck Creations – 3 Year Workmanship Warranty

Like Trex, which offers fantastic coverage because the company believes in its products, we offer a 3-year workmanship warranty on each project. We cover everything we install. We treat every job like it’s our own home, which makes us confident in providing a warranty that covers everything we build.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your project size, you can trust that Trex will bring your ideas to life for you to enjoy for years. 

If you’d like to read more about Trex warranties, you can find all the information you’ll need on their website.

Have questions about our Workmanship Warranty or the process of installing a Trex deck? If so, you can check out our design-build process or contact us directly; we’d love to hear from you. 

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