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Deck Education

Blue patio furniture set on Trex deck in Canton, MI

Furniture for Composite Decking: What Won’t Cause Scratches?

A new Trex deck creates a wonderful space to enjoy the outdoors with those you love (or are obligated to invite over from time to time, you know who we’re talking about!). However, like with anything new, you probably want to do everything in your power to keep it looking that way. And that includes being mindful of what you

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Can We Replicate Another Deck’s Design for Your Build?

So you’ve found your dream deck or one close to it! Your neighbor invited you over for a good old-fashioned neighborhood BBQ, and you fell in love with their deck—the size, design, features, etc. Or maybe you found it while scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, and you’re already planning the “here’s our new amazing deck” party. Regardless, you’re not alone

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Backyard view from deck

Can We Build a Deck Without a Permit? When A Permit Is Required & the 1 Exception

Is a permit required when building a deck? Knowing when it’s necessary isn’t always straightforward. You may have heard multiple answers from different people, or that it depends on some specific conditions. While true, the rules are conditional; they will be the same or similar in most places. And deck builders and homeowners alike must follow the codes.  So today, let’s

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deck lighting hero image

Do You Need an Electrician to Install Deck Lights?

Deck lights are one of the most popular, practical, and aesthetically pleasing upgrades you can choose. They’re considered essential by many, especially if you plan on using your deck at night.  But how viable is it for homeowners to install deck lights themselves, or even for builders who aren’t certified electricians? We all know how dangerous electricity can be, and

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neighbors deck

3 Problems That Cause a Sloping Deck & How to Avoid Them

  Oh no, we’ve seen it too.  Your neighbor has a sloping deck, and it’s at quite an angle. It’s certainly a tough place to play a game of marbles!  Are you wondering what the cause could be, so you can make sure to avoid the same trouble with your own deck? Fortunately, we have you covered. Let’s jump into

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Backyard deck stairs with gate

Should You Install a Trex Deck Gate? Costs & Considerations

You’re planning on building a new deck and realized just how many upgrades you could add to your build. It can be overwhelming at first to know what to choose, but while some upgrades are for pure aesthetics, a deck gate also serves a functional purpose. So today, we’re going to talk all about Trex deck gates. We’ll cover why may want

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Do You Need to Be Home for Any Part of the Deck Build?

You’re ready for a brand new deck. But do you have to be home during the build?  Schedules are tight these days. But have no fear that the project could interfere too much with your schedule. Aren’t there a lot of inspections and things that could set back the process? You and your family have busy lives! So as much as you’d love

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Trex Spiced Rum with white fascia

Should You Invest in a Maintenance-Free Deck if You Plan On Moving?

One of the more challenging decisions to make when building a deck is installing wood or composite.  Like most homeowners, we feel that the more maintenance-free something can be, the better. But does that mean a maintenance-free deck like Trex is the right choice for everyone? Because who wouldn’t miss sanding railing balusters, replacing rotting boards, fixing sticking up nails, and restaining

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Do You Need a Condo or HOA Approval to Build a Deck?

Living within an HOA or Condo association has many benefits. You may feel a sense of community, have access to great amenities, and your neighborhood or building likely has excellent curb appeal.  But when it comes to home improvement, like building a new deck, what kind of condo or HOA approvals do you need and to what extent? How limited

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